What is power without control?

Treatment protocols are showing more interest upon coordination and proprioceptive elements in their approval. Specific functional demands can be challenged with the unique designed software. Re-programming and accelerated restoration of motor-skills are easily performed and obtained. Dual tasks with elements of math and recognition are unique.
The Monitored Rehab Systems Software is providing all elements to re-activate and restore function and motor-skills of the patient’s impairments and disabilities. The different software exercises are stimulating and challenging at every level and phase of the patients rehabilitations program.
Different testing methods will provide objective feedback and documentation of the patient's rehabilitation program.
We hope you all will experience value and pleasure of using the Monitored Rehab Systems Software as we love developing it!

MRS Equipment

MR Functional Squat

The unique pivoting sledge design replicates the movement of a standing squat during the entire range of motion.


MR Cable Column

Multifunctional and specially designed for optimal econditioning, rehabilitating and testing of the shoulder and spine.


MR Cube

Instantly elevates any physical therapy or athletic conditioning program with real-time visual feedback and guidance.


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In practice

See our Functional Squat in practice at one of our customers. They use the Functional squat for knee rehab for a patiënt.

  Easily installed
  Setting exercice range
  Choose exercise game


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