MR Back Extension

The fully adjustable pelvic inclination angle is one of the unique features of the Monitored Rehab Systems Back Extension.

In combination with the mechanical ROM limiter and the MRS Software, the Back Extension is ideally suited for a wide variety of therapeutic purposes. From stabilizing the lower back to mobilizing over a greater ROM. The Back Extension ensures maximum adaptation to your therapeutic intervention. Visual feedback stimulates the patient's effort every session.


Maximum adaptation to your therapeutic intervention.

Real-time visual feedback engages and motivates patients

The Functional Squat offers a wide range of functional exercises, targeting coordination and proprioception, allowing patients to visually track their progress through video game interaction and competitive scoring.

The Functional Squat helps build strength, balance, coordination and proprioception while improving patient compliance. Interactive video-games guide the patient through functional exercises and provide clear visual feedback during therapy.

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