MR Cable Column

Linking body and mind for more effective, efficient results.

The Monitored Rehab Systems Cable Column is multifunctional and specially designed for optimal reconditioning, rehabilitating and testing of the shoulder and spine

The unique software monitors both motor control and reactive neuromuscular activities that will help restore normal motor patterns


Upper body spine and lower extremity training

Optimal multidirectional neuromuscular training

Monitored Rehab Systems provides innovative products for visual guided feedback rehabilitation training. The Cable Column is a multipurpose system specially designed for optimal multidirectional neuromuscular training. The systems design enables both single sided as double sided exercises in a standing or seated position.

The Cable Column is ideally suited for the use in the overall process from early to end-phase rehabilitation of patients with loss of functional activity due to orthopedic, musculoskeletal or neurological origin by providing muscular load in combination with visual feedback. The device is to be used as a training device for rehabilitation purposes.

Real-time visual feedback engages and motivates patients

The Cable Column offers a wide range of functional exercises, targeting coordination and proprioception, allowing patients to visually track their progress through video game interaction and competitive scoring.

The Cable Column helps build strength, balance, coordination and proprioception while improving patient compliance. Interactive video-games guide the patient through functional exercises and provide clear visual feedback during therapy.

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