The Monitored Rehab Systems Functional Squat is the first closed chain system specially designed for optimal reactive neuromuscular training and testing. The unique pivoting sledge design replicates the movement of a standing squat during the entire range of motion.

The Functional Squat is ideally suited for end- phase rehabilitation of patients with ACL and PCL injuries as well as patients with Total Hip and Knee Joint replacements.


Easy entry, low arthrogenic load and maximum muscle adaptation are the main features of the Monitored Rehab Systems Easy Press. The Easy Press is ideally suited for the elderly patient.

The Easy Press offers the unique possibility of single or double-sided training, guided by the revolutionary MRS Software for visual feedback.


The Monitored Rehab Systems Cable Column is multifunctional and specially designed for optimal econditioning, rehabilitating and testing of the shoulder and spine.

The unique software monitors both motor control and reactive neuromuscular activities that will help restore normal motor patterns.


The fully adjustable pelvic inclination angle is one of the unique features of the Monitored Rehab Systems Back Extension.

In combination with the mechanical ROM limiter and the MRS Software, the Back Extension is ideally suited for a wide variety of therapeutic purposes.


The Leg Extension with its revolutionary elliptical cam provides physiologically sufficient muscle load during full ROM and is therefore extremely suitable for patients with limited load capacity of the knee.

The Leg Extension helps build strength, balance, coordination and proprioception while ensuring optimal patient motivation.


The MR Cube instantly elevates any physical therapy or athletic conditioning program with real-time visual feedback and guidance.

The MR Cube helps build strength, balance, coordination and proprioception while improving patient compliance. Interactive video-games guide the patient through functional exercises and provide clear visual feedback during therapy. The result is unparalleled cognitive involvement and increased EMG activity during every workout.


The most beautiful treadmill for training and analysis of gait and balance. Simulate challenging everyday scenarios with augmented and virtual reality.


Medical Device Regulation

As of May 2021, the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) comes into effect. This European legislation obliges manufacturers, importers and distributors of medical devices to set up their processes in accordance with this Medical Device Regulation (MDR). This means, among other things, that the equipment they develop must be classified and certified in accordance with the requirements of this legislation. The MR Functional Squat, MR Cube, MR Cable Column and the C-Mill currently meet the MDR requirements and are therefore MDR certified.

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