MR Cube

Linking body and mind for more effective, efficient results.

The MR Cube simulates functional movement patterns and accelerates strength gains with constant loading of the muscle through a full range of motion.

The MR Cube helps build strength, balance, coordination and proprioception while improving patient compliance. Interactive video-games guide the patient through functional exercises and provide clear visual feedback during therapy. The result is unparalleled cognitive involvement and increased EMG activity during every workout.


State-of-the-art testing, training and rehab tool

Unsurpassed development of the neuromuscular system

Proprietary software measures, monitors and reports during each session, motivating patients and boosting compliance. A portable design allows clinics of all sizes and specialties to add the latest in monitored rehabilitation to their practice – attracting new customers and retaining existing patients. Ability to test uninvolved versus involved creating comparison reports over time.

Detailed reports provide objective data for patients, insurance providers and referral partners.


Real-time visual feedback engages and motivates patients

The MR Cube offers a wide range of functional exercises, targeting coordination and proprioception, allowing patients to visually track their progress through video game interaction and competitive scoring.

The MR Cube can be used stand-alone or connected to standard gym and rehab equipment. Speed and range-of-motion are adjustable to meet the needs of anyone, from elite athletes to geriatric patients. During each session, detailed reports are generated so the patient and clinician can track progress and set goals for ongoing care.
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